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Taking a long hot bath is ‘good for your health’


The world is going through a big health boom – and the pressure to do more exercise is everywhere.

All we really want to do is grab a bath bomb and take a nice long soak.

Luckily, it turns out having a hot bath actually burns the same amount of calories as a 30-minute walk.

That means there’s no need to worry about binge-watching TV shows and never making it to the gym.

It sounds unrealistic, but science has proved that you don’t need to perform strenuous cardio when you could be in the bath instead.

In a study carried out by Loughborough University, 14 men were sent out on a one-hour bicycle ride and also given a one-hour soak at 40C.

The research found that the bike ride, as predicted, burnt more calories.

However, the bath soak still managed to burn a whopping 130 calories – the same as a 30-minute walk.

Researchers believe it was the rise in core temperature which caused the calories to burn off.

Each participant also had their blood sugar monitored for 24-hours, and it was discovered that it was 10 per cent lower after the bath.

So the next time you want to do something for your health, reach past those running shoes and grab your robe instead.

A hot bath is way more relaxing than actually leaving your house, don’t you think?

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