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Valletta 2018 statues damaged in less than a day


A controversial street art project to celebrate Valletta 2018 has suffered a setback.

Two of statues were damaged less than 24 hours after being unveiled on the streets of the capital.

A statue of a bird in a hand had its tail snapped off – and a monument depicting three cows standing on top of each other at City Gate lost two udders and a left ear.

The artworks were only unveiled on Friday afternoon as part of Valletta’s year-long European capital of culture programme.

They depict 13 well-known Maltese proverbs.

Artist Joel Saliba said they were ‘intended to be thought provoking’ and get people talking.

The artworks divided opinion on social media.

Some Facebook users branded them ‘ugly, expensive eyesores’ while others praised Valletta 2018’s project as ‘awesome’ and ‘a bit of fun’.

Malta Police quickly rubbished fake news reports blaming ‘vandalism’.

Sources confirmed that both cases were simply ‘accidental damage’.

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