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Finalists for Sports Awards 2017 announced, winners on 17 February


The finalists for the Sports Awards 2017, organised by the Malta Sports Journalists Association and SportMalta, were announced on Wednesday evening.

Five were selected in each category by journalists who are members of the association. In the case of the sportsman of the year, a sixth finalist was chosen because of an equal number of points achieved by two of the contenders.

During the presentation, it was announced that SportMalta and the SJA had reached an agreement to hold the event together for the next three years.

They are: Young athlete of the year (women): Francesca Curmi (Tennis), Francesca Falzon Young (Swimming), Shelby Mangion Vassallo (Weightlifting), Helene Pellicano (Tennis) and Sara Xuereb (Ten Pin Bowling).

Young athlete of the year (men): Jurgen Balzan (Table Football), Jacob Sciberras (Waterpolo), Kijan Sultana (Squash), Thomas G Woods Jr. (Triathlon) and Edward Xuereb (Ten Pin Bowling).

Team of the Year: Women’s ‘A’ 4 x 100m (Athletics), Women National team ‘A’ (Basketball), Giordmaina Racing Team (Drag Racing), Mixed national team ‘A’ (Ten Pin Bowling) and San Ġiljan ASC (Waterpolo).

Coach of the year: Angela Adamoli (Basketball), Jimmy Bugeja (Shooting), Jesmond Giordmaina (Wrestling), Noel Merceica (Kickboxing) and Damien Neil (Rugby)

Official of the year: Joe Bajada (Cycling), Jesmond Caruana (Weightlifting), Saviour Portelli (Shooting), Paul Sultana (Basketball) and Bernard Vassallo (Basketball)

Sportswoman of the year: Sue Abela (Ten Pin Bowling), Rachel Cuschieri (Football), Christina Grima (Basketball), Charlotte Wingfield (Athletics) and Yazmin Zammit Stevens (Weightlifting)

Sportsman of the Year: Noel Baldacchino (Horse-racing), Gianluca Chatcuti (Shooting), Aaron Ciantar (Powerboats), Anton Cushieri (Pool), Duncan Micallef (Drag Racing) and Andre’ Schembri (Football).

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