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Tritons Fountain and Valletta Square inaugurated


The newly refurbished Tritons Fountain and Valletta Square projects were inaugurated this evening by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Speaking this evening, Muscat remarked how the project perfectly represented the exciting changes the capital city is undergoing, changes that were seen through by this administration as well as the last.

But despite such major changes to the city, the biggest changes it was undergoing were in terms of mindset, attitude and the way in which people live in the capital.  He observed how once the main complaint amongst Valletta businesses was that it was dying out, but ironically today those same people gripe that they are unable to keep up with the amount of business so many people were bringing to the city every day.

The Prime Minister praised the work being carried out on Valletta and said there were still challenges to be met, in particular the regeneration of the lower part of Valletta.

The project, Minister Ian Borg added, had been completed in less than 300 days, and he saluted workers for their diligence.

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, also addressing the inauguration, said the project had cost €8.5 million, and that it will serve as one of the four main squares to be used throughout the Valletta 18 European Capital of Culture events.

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