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Most NAO recommendations addressed


Recommendations made by the Auditor General were addressed or being considered by the ministries concerned in the majority of cases although a number of issues remained outstanding.

This was noted in a follow-up report presented to Speaker Anġlu Farrugia this evening.
The publication covers an analysis on the degree of implementation of the NAO’s recommendations on the following past audits:
• Gozo Channel (Operations) Ltd.
• Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech – Personal Emoluments
• Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change
• Police Department – Personal Emoluments
• St. Vincent de Paul Residence
• Welfare Committee
• Housing Authority’s Procurement of Repair Works on Residential Units
• Physical Education and Sports in State Primary and Secondary Schools
• The Management of Elective Surgery Waiting Lists
• The Provision of Residential Long-Term Care for the Elderly through Contractual Arrangements with the Private Sector
• An Analysis of the National Lotteries Good Causes Fund
This NAO said it intended to continue to publish such follow-up reports on a regular annual basis.

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