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Band clubs seen as source of cultural identity


A study found that 51.6 per cent of Maltese still see local band clubs as relevant to society and showed that the clubs act as a source of cultural identity.
The results disprove the “common perception” that participation in band clubs can only be associated with certain strata of society, said Vincent Marmara, who published the study.
Those over 56 years spoke highly of band clubs, whereas those between 18 and 25 registered the lowest rate of interest, the study continued. Gozitans and people from the south showed the greatest appreciation for band clubs, it found. The finding attests to the strength of cultural appreciation in the communities, Dr Marmara insisted.
There is little doubt that the Maltese appreciate band clubs, with the majority (35 per cent) saying that they were unsure if they would change anything and a further 21 per cent insisting that they would make sure things remained the same.
But interest is facing a decline, as the study proceeds to find that people aged between 18 and 25 found band clubs not to be relevant to Maltese society.

Speaking to the Times of Malta, president of the Band Clubs Organisation Noel Camilleri said that while the study yielded…

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