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Burning bridges, like Qatar – Alan Deidun


The Gulf State of Qatar probably has one of the highest trade deficits when it comes to food supplies. Agricultural land there is virtually a mirage due to the harsh environmental conditions in one of the most arid countries on the planet. The 2.5 million strong population is propped up by over one billion dollars’ worth of food imports (2015 data) from 130 different countries.
No wonder Qatar has embarked on a number of esoteric solutions, such as the purchase of massive plots of agricultural land in countries like Sudan and Australia. In a recent political spat, its neighbours resorted to stymieing the country’s continuous stream of food imports as a means of triggering civil unrest (through the resulting food shortages and food price hikes) in an effort to induce a change in its administration. This paved the way for food airlifts from Turkey and Iran.
If you believe that Malta is far detached from this brinksmanship scenario and that our food supplies are secure and beyond any faltering, think again. According to the World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) database for 2015, globally, Malta ranked 41st in terms of the volume of food imports.
That figure might not sound…

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