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Theresa May to make offer on EU citizens living in the UK


British Prime Minister Theresa May is today expected to promise to make it as easy as possible for European Union citizens living in Britain to stay after Brexit, trying to unlock stalled talks that have spurred calls for her to walk away.
Weakened by losing her Conservative Party’s majority in a June election and failing to rally support at an ill-fated party conference, May had initially hoped she would regain some ground by persuading EU leaders at a two-day summit starting today to let Brexit talks move beyond matters of the divorce.
But EU leaders have ruled that out, saying London must agree to pay more as part of an exit settlement than May has said is acceptable. So she will instead try to change the focus, by offering more concessions for those EU citizens increasingly anxious about their rights in Britain after it leaves the bloc.
This is unlikely to alter the outcome of the Brussels summit. Continental leaders have been assuming for weeks that a deal can be struck on this issue. But it indicates British officials are pursuing a new course – adopting a softer approach to try to win over the bloc’s negotiators, if not all its governments.
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