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The lady was not for turning – Frank Psaila


Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered because she exposed Malta’s darkest secrets. The institutions that were meant to protect her failed her. She was a thorn in the side of Malta’s political establishment and the underworld. She was a risk; they had to shut her up.
She, ‘the hate blogger’, ‘the witch of Bidnija’, ‘the queen of bile’. They hated her, and incited others to hate her.
A hash tag, #galiziabarra, made the rounds in the run-up to the general election, and after.
A year ago or so, I met Daphne at her house in Bidnija. Her laptop, the laptop that scared the hell out of politicians, from both sides of the political divide, and Malta’s underworld, was on her kitchen table. Her rented car, the one in which they killed her, ripping her to shreds, a few metres away from her house, parked in the drive-in.
The bullmastiff that kept her company while she ripped politicians and criminals to shreds on her laptop sat quietly a few metres away from her feet. It was a peaceful setting, but that woman had the courage, and the determination, to expose shady dealings and criminal links that our institutions don’t have the courage, or perhaps the will, to investigate. Not her.
She was an…

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