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Nationalist Party’s new way – Sam Abela


Listening to Labour’s spin machine in the days leading to the Nationalist Party leadership election, one might have thought that we were witnessing the end of the party. It was more a case of what they wished rather than what was truly happening.
History was being made when for the first time party members were asked to choose their new leader under a new set of regulations which the party had approved some years back.
Thousands heeded the call in what turned out to be a manifestation of enthusiasm and a new injection of energy and trust in the party’s leadership. The members elected Adrian Delia on his mandate of a new way and of making the party closer to the people.
I followed this leadership contest with great interest and with high hopes of a party emerging from this contest stronger and with renewed vigour.
I must say that I was not let down.  The first few days after the leadership election, which also coincided with the annual Independence Day celebrations, were conspicuous by a wave of enthusiasm and curiosity about the new leader.
Delia’s first public statements are encouraging and show a leader with a vision and determination to truly transform the PN into a party…

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