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A black day for Malta 


How does one start to reconcile the experience of achieving economic success with the death of a human being? One needs time for reflection and, many a time, celebration of the life and achievements of the person concerned. Often one celebrates and one appreciates that this is indeed the circle of life.
However, the death in a most brutal fashion of a journalist must be the time for all of us to stop and reflect on the state of our country and our way of life.
Daphne Caruana Galizia was primarily a journalist. She was controversial and used the relatively new medium of blogging in the most dramatic of fashions and most pointedly and, if one was the subject of the blog, at times most hurtful too. She elicited heated exchanges over her blogs. But, above all, she was a human being.
Her cruel murder is a serious threat to our democracy and freedoms and will reverberate, as it has already done, across the world. Our standing in the world has been dealt a blow that will have economic repercussions, not that this is the major concern at this moment of time.
I am deeply shocked with what has happened. We must look at the causes leading to this situation. I believe the rule of law must…

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