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The new Roads Agency – is it a compromise or a strategy?


Mr James Piscopo, Chairman of Transport Malta, has taken to Facebook once again to justify and explain the creation of the new Roads Agency.  This new agency will be responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of all the roads in Malta.

Whichever way one puts it,  the management of the Roads Agency will be passed in the hands of Ing Fredrick Azzopardi who is currently chairman of Enemalta.  Ing Azzopardi, besides having a sound engineering background, has proved to be a driving force who delivers.  Originally it had been rumored that Ing Azzopardi was to lead Transport Malta however, at the last minute, Piscopo was appointed Chairman maybe because of his closer political connection with the Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat. On the other hand he was a person that delivered for Muscat so one may understand Muscat’s move.

Removing the roads component from Transport Malta operations will reduce the influence of James Piscopo in an area which apparently  he was very attached to.  However, Piscopo may well take the opportunity to give strategically important sectors within Transport Malta the adequate importance. There has been a dire need for new incentives and strategic decisions in sectors like Aviation, Superyacht and Shipping. Piscopo has on many occasions been defined as a strategist so maybe one can consider this  spin off  as a positive move on all fronts. It may have also been a  compromising move for  any differences there may be between Hon Dr Ian Borg and Mr. Piscopo.

Together with the new Minister for Transport Hon Dr Ian Borg, Ing Azzopardi has already implemented a number of projects which have eased notorious traffic bottlenecks.  This was a logical task which was not engaged into earlier,  to the detriment of road users.  Ing Azzopardi is showing that he does not tolerate incompetence, is not easily malleable nor influenced and not blinded by frivolity.

The appointment of Ing Azzopardi as Chairman of the Roads Agency has made inroads for the young Minister Ian Borg.

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