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GRAPHIC FILM: Matador gored by bull in Mexico


Matador Sergio Flores suffered grievous injuries after being gored twice by a bull during a traditional spectacle in Mexico.

Flores was performing a spectacle with the sixth bull in the San Luis Potosi Arena and at the time was on his knees trying to distract the bull by waving his cloth at him.

However, unexpectedly the bull turned on Flores, tossing him in the air and piercing the matador with one of his horns in the shoulder and upper arm. The matador’s sleeve remained pinned to the bull’s horn and Flores was subsequently dragged and slammed on the ground a number of times as the bull continued to toss its head.

According to initial reports Flores suffered grievous injuries but was in a stable condition. This was not his first incident as in 2013 he suffered serious injuries in a similar incident.

The spectacle is a controversial one as many claim it is cruel treatment of bulls being tortured and killed in the arena. A little while earlier Flores had sliced off the ear of another bull.

Original article found on TVM (English)


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