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‘Thief’ gets job after constable bought him shirt for interview instead of arresting him


An 18-year old Canadian youth, who on Monday was caught trying to steal a shirt in a Toronto establishment, found a new job following the assistance given by a constable. When the constable went to arrest the youth, the latter told him he wanted the shirt due to an interview he had, as he was searching for work. Therefore, instead of arresting him, the policeman bought him the shirt with the hope that the young man can change his life for the better.

The constable said that later on during the week he received an email from the youth thanking him for his assistance as on Monday he will start working.

He added that the news provided him with a smile as he knew the youth was heading for difficult times, wanted the job to start a new life and even to help his family. The youth’s father was sick and lost his job, and therefore the family was passing through a bad time and had no resources. The youth told the constable that as a result of another generous heart, even his father will also start working and is hoping that his family also starts a new life.

Original article found on TVM (English)


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