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Pastoral Letter – For Hope to Blossom – by Gozo Bishop Mario Grech


On the occasion of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Gozo Bishop Mgr Mario Grech has issued a Pastoral Letter – For Hope to Blossom.

Writing about hope and discouragement, Bishop Grech says, “There are some who enthral with their capacity to hope – they have a passion to do what seems to be impossible.1 They are people who are not discouraged by anything, in spite of high waves persistently confronting them. They have the capacity to keep rowing against the current. They hope against all hope.”

The Bishop continues, “hope is the motor of their lives. I am convinced that in the privacy of every home, in the hospital wards, in the prison cells, in rehabilitation centres, in the corridors of Dar Arka and Id-Dar tal- Providenza there are the persons whose life-giving oxygen is hope.”

“Very often, these experiences are hidden from us, but they certainly provoke a smile from God who is never indifferent in these difficult situations”

To continue reading the Pastoral Letter in full please see here.

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