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Britain’s Prince Andrew denies seeing any sex crimes during time with Epstein

Britain’s Prince Andrew said on Saturday he never saw or suspected any sex crimes during the time he spent with U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew has faced weeks...

Francesca is smashing it in the Maltese Modelling world

We’ve heard of this cutie competing in local modelling competitions before. She managed to grab some trophies in a modelling competition back in July, earning...

Responsible Gaming Foundation: Continuing to offer alternatives for addiction

The 12th edition of ‘Logħob għal kulħadd’ culminated in an exciting final night on Saturday in Rabat, Malta. The ‘Mundrilli’ were the winning team...

‘No place for Nazis’: Germans march against racism, Islamophobia

Thousands on Saturday marched against hate and racism in the city of Dresden, eastern Germany a week before state elections when far-right party AfD is projected to...

Il-Guggu mar il-MUZA…

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